Why fundraise for CCF?

There are a number of people suffering from various non-communicable diseases and require recurrent expenses for treatment throughout the life of the individual. Chronic Care Foundation gets numerous requests on a daily basis asking us to help, assist with medicines, medical kits, medical expenses, travel expenses for patients, diagnostics and similar from all over the country. In order to be able to lend a helping hand to persons in need, especially those who reach out to us, we require to be active fundraisers. We solicit your support in reaching out to the underprivileged.

Have you ever considered donating or supporting activities concerning lifestyle and chronic disease prevention, care and management?

Consider giving the gift of helping others for health and well-being. All donations are tax-deductible donations for you.

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Experience the joys of giving and sharing. It’s not about how much you give, nor about what you can give. It’s about helping to make a difference in bettering lives. There are so many ways you can help.


Volunteer your time and your skills. If you are a doctor willing to offer time then we will provide you with an opportunity to reach out to the under-served  and underprivileged and make a meaningful contribution to their health.


If you have innovative ideas for implementation, we are open to joining hands for upstream and downstream collaborations. Come and join us in our initiatives to spread the message on healthy living as a way of life.

Friends of CCF

Friends of CCF is a nation-wide initiative from the Chronic Care Foundation, New Delhi which seeks to create awareness amongst the community on the Risks, Care and Management of Chronic diseases. We look for selfless individuals who have a desire to work within the community; to come forward, and donate their time, their skills, their experience and their resources, to help change the future of millions who are less privileged.

As a Friend of CCF, you would be an “Ambassador of Health” and would help to spread awareness and educate the community on Chronic Diseases with a focus on Heart and Kidney disease and Diabetes. Chronic Care foundation would provide you with the basic orientation that will bring the secrets of sound health to you, your family and to your community.

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