Overview of NCD scenario in India

Guidebook on Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases (NCCD) Titled ‘If You Are Not Sick, Does Not Mean You Are Healthy'

Aimed at the general public this Guidebook explains simple facts about diabetes, hypertension, stroke and kidney & heart disease. This book is for free distribution by the partner/purchaser and not to be resold. This booklet will be bi-lingual.

This booklet addresses some basic and fundamental question about the five NCCDs. It will explain

  • What are these diseases and how are they diagnosed?
  • What are the symptoms and causes of these diseases?
  • What are the risk factors and problems associated with these diseases?
  • What are the available treatments, ways to control and prevent for these diseases?
  • If an individual is diagnosed with any of these diseases, what can he/she do in such a situation?
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Handbook on Recommended Nutritional And Health Guidelines For School Students Of North India.

The handbook is designed to give schoolchildren an insight into healthy living and nutritive eating. The handbook will be distributed free of cost in schools of Northern India to students in the age group of 8-16 years of age in urban and rural areas.
The main objectives of this hand book is to-

  • Spread awareness among children for promoting healthy eating.
  • Build knowledge on health and nutrition based on facts.
  • Bring about behaviour change in terms of lifestyle.
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A Cartoon Story Book in Hindi & English - “Dr. Hara Hari’s Healthy Tips! -Do Dreams Come True™”

A special twenty-page cartoon book will be published for free distribution in schools. This comic book will be published in Hindi and English in phase I for distribution in North India region and would be translated into other regional languages in later stages. The comic book will serve as a basic guideline to children for leading a healthy lifestyle while realizing their dreams for a bright future ahead. This book is for free distribution to children.
A traditional Indian parrot called Dr. Harahari™, the mascot of CCF gives knowledge to children on:

  • Prevention and risk factors associated with chronic diseases.
  • Encouraging health-seeking behaviour among the children.
  • Promoting healthy eating habits and life skills among the children and adolescents.
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A Cartoon Animation Film in Hindi & English - “REALISE YOUR DREAMS™”

Chronic care foundation has produced a cartoon animation film on health and nutrition for classroom learning and home use. The film outlines the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardio vascular and kidney diseases.
For the purpose of disseminating information to the semi-urban and rural children the film is divided into 4 modules:
Module I – be aware of chronic diseases titles “Jago, Apne Aap Ko Jaano” – this module will introduce the children to chronic diseases- its prevention, the human body its internal organs and functions.
Module II – eat healthy titled “Jo Khaye Sahi, Khushi Se Jiye Wahi”- this module will give information on healthy food, the food pyramid and the ‘rule of five’ for healthy eating.
Module III – be active titled “Jo Chust Rahe Wohi Sikander”- this module discusses about the importance of a healthy and an active lifestyle and avoiding sedentary lifestyle.
Module IV – sanitation and care of the body titled “Mera Sharer Mera Mandir”-this module talks about the importance of sanitation and cleanliness of the body, home and the surroundings.
The animation film is of 1 hour 15 mins duration and is based in a village scenario with Dr. Harahari™ (CCF mascot- a parrot) giving information and talking to children about the above-mentioned topics.

The animation film is being disseminated by DVD/CD and is available in two languages- Hindi & English. The target of the film are the school students all around India with a special focus on semi urban and rural schools. The film can be shown as a regular cartoon film or can be taken up in modules by teachers to ensure that the kinds assimilate the knowledge and understand the essence of the film.